'Weathering the Storm' COVID-19 Business Support Package

As many businesses find themselves in uncharted territories, we are keen to ensure that businesses and business leaders have the support they need to deal with this current coronavirus pandemic. 

Coronavirus won't last forever but, whilst it does, taking the correct actions to ensure the survival of your business are time critical. It requires businesses and their leaders to be agile and decisive ensuring that a clear path is forged to come out the other side with a stronger, more robust business.

What's included?

Not all businesses are facing the same challenges and therefore our one day support package is designed to tackle your immediate operational needs. Topics we can review include:

  • Crisis management strategies
  • Financial management and scenario based financial modelling
  • Supplier and Customer cash flow management
  • Support with accessing Government funding
  • Managing employees and furloughing /temporary lay-off of employees
  • Effective business communications (internal and external)
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Emergency business continuity strategies
  • Business re-activation advice following temporary closure / home working (inc. a business review and financial health check).

We are offering this one day support package at a rate of just £500.00!

Don't hesitate, act NOW!

We want to help you and your business 'weather the storm' and overcome your challenges so contact us today on 0330 133 1625 or by clicking the link below.