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ICAEW Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales | White Space Management Consultancy

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

The ICAEW is a world leading professional accountancy body that regulates the profession, providing leadership and practical support to over 150,000 members around the world. Guidance and support to its members is based on the highest ethical and technical standards.

With the support of the ICAEW Chartered Accountants uphold the highest professional, technical and ethical standards throughout their career. They are committed to continuing professional development training, are bound by the Institute's Code of Ethics, and are subject to the Institute's disciplinary procedures. 

At White Space Management Consultancy (WSMC) we believe in acting in the best interests of our clients using our expertise to assist businesses to meet their objectives. The ICAEW assist us in upholding regulations and standards at a professional and global level. They monitor and help firms to sustain and develop the quality and integrity of the finance, business advisory and accountancy profession. All member firms offering professional services to the public, including WSMC, are required to hold a Practising Certificate, have professional indemnity insurance, and be part of the ICAEW's Practice Assurance scheme.

ICAEW Business Advice Service | White Space Management Consultancy Limited

ICAEW Business Advice Service

The ICAEW Business Advice Service has been set up to promote ICAEW Chartered Accountants as the first source of financial and business advice to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses to help develop local economies and small businesses.

As a member of the ICAEW Business Advice Service we offer an initial consultation at no charge to SMEs and start-ups, to discuss the client's business needs. Following this initial meeting there is no commitment for the client to continue their association with us however we're always there to support you if you wish.

ICAEW strongly promotes the value that its firms can provide to businesses and, in particular, raising awareness of the need for businesses to ensure they are getting expert advice from qualified business advisers.

Institute of Consulting | White Space Management Consultancy

Institute of Consulting


The Institute of Consulting (IC) is a recognised professional body for the consultancy profession. The Institute supports consultancy firms and members alike to uphold the highest ethical standards and continually improve the advice and services offered to clients.

When you decide to engage White Space Management Consultancy's (WSMC) services, as a Recognised Practice of the IC, you can have trust and confidence that WSMC have full professional indemnity insurance, abide by the Institute's Code of Practice and have relevant experience to meet your needs. You can be confident that we are committed to adding value to all of our clients' businesses and you have the reassurance that, if anything should go wrong, you have the backing and support of the Institute of Consulting.